About Ken Strong Productions

KSP Cinematic is a video production company specializing in Aerial Cinematography & Photography, as well as Life-Story Film Making. 

Ken & Corie Strong are a husband and wife team who share a passion for producing films and photographs that capture the amazing moments in life.

In 2016 Ken Strong became one of the first (Part 107) commercial drone pilots to be certified in the United States by the FAA. This added a whole new realm of filming potential and possibilities. 

Our production skills do not end when filming is complete. Rather, the filming is the beginning of a creative process involving professional editing and post production to provide a polished finished product to our clients. Whether shooting a feature film, showcasing a vast estate, shooting epic aerials for your music video, or capturing your special event from a unique angle, we strive to provide stunning video and photography for corporate and individual clients alike.